Titan® Small Bulk CO2

Titan® Small Bulk CO2

Titan® Cryogenic Small Bulk CO2 systems provide cost-effectiveness and efficiency of using cryogenic liquid gas in a convenient small bulk vessel. Each tank comes equipped with full length vaporization coils, allowing for the highest gas delivery rates. All tanks are made to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 standards.

Exceptional performance for bulk beverage CO2 applications, such as fast food, restaurants, convenience stores, breweries, theatres, stadiums, and more.


  • Exceptional fill times
  • Full length coil for highest vaporization rates
  • BC-550 & BC-750 equipped with liquid withdrawal capability
  • BC-750 has additional components for high flow applications


  • All type 304 stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty RegO® regulators and safeties
  • Thickest outer shell in the industry – dent-resistant
  • Designed to ASME specifications
  • Custom top-works plumbing available


  • Mounting legs are available on all units
  • CO2 Gas detection alarm systems
  • Fill boxes, fill hoses, and other accessories are also available


  • Pool coat – add a powder coating to resist chlorine reactions
  • Level Eye® – accurately measure the remaining liquid level capacity in your tank using the Level Eye® digital gauge
  • CylConnect® – use remote monitoring systems on all tanks out in the field to always know how much product is left in each tank
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