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    Each ultra-lightweight LCX® medical oxygen cylinder has an inner liner made from Luxfer®’s proprietary L6X alloy, which is strengthened with an aerospace-grade carbon-fiber wrapping that completely surrounds the liner.

    These extremely durable cylinders initially gained favor with firefighters who use them in self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs). They are now also used by paramedics and other emergency first-responders. Because of their lighter weight, compact size, higher capacity and excellent portability, Luxfer®’s full-wrapped cylinders are becoming popular in emergency and pre-hospital care, as well as for oxygen therapy, in which reduced weight and increased filling capacity provide significant advantages to ambulatory patients.

    Features and benefits:

    • Luxfer®’s M15A, which provides the same oxygen capacity as the current MD15 aluminum cylinder commonly used by EMTs, offers a 42 percent weight reduction and a smaller package.
    • Reduces firefighters’ non-fire emergency injuries, such as strain, sprain and muscular pain caused by carrying extra weight.
    • High pressure means increased oxygen capacity (3,000-psi maximum pressure per DOT).
    • Proven Luxfer® cylinder technology used for many years in SCBA applications. Manufactured in the USA.

    Notes: All cylinders have a 15-year service life.

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