Medical Cylinders

Medical Cylinders

Full line of high-quality TC and/or DOT approved aluminum medical cylinders. All medical cylinders include a white shoulder and clear powder coat finish. All standard sizes are in stock and can be shipped to anywhere in Canada.

Aluminum cylinders are much lighter than steel cylinders, and are also more buoyant, making them a common selection for mobile systems such as life support, scuba equipment or medical oxygen cylinders.

Aluminum is resistant to oxidation and other weathering and is an ideal selection for applications that would expose the cylinder to the open environment. All aluminum cylinders are TC and/or DOT approved and are fitted with a valve for the desired gas service. Medical oxygen cylinders include white shoulder and clear powder coat finish.


  • Material: A6061 high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Sizes: M6 (1L) to M265 (46.4L)
  • Type: Aluminum Cylinders
  • Service Pressure: 2015 PSI (139 BAR) to 2216 PSI (153 BAR)
  • Threads: ¾”-16UNF-2B (M6 to ME) & 1-1/8”-12UNF-2B (M22 to M265)
  • Certification: DOT-3AL &/or TC-3ALM
  • Colour: White shoulder with clear powder-coat finish
  • Accessories: Optional Valves
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