Cylinder Servicing & Refurbishment

Refurb & Paint

We offer cylinder painting of single colours, multiple colours, custom colours, stenciling and special paint requirements. All cylinders are shot blasted before painting.

We also offer, as an additional service, guaranteed difficult paint removal that will remove any caked on paint that cannot be removed by any conventional industry methods in a procedure that has manufacturer approval.

Change of Service

Internal and external cylinder cleaning is available in the event of contamination or to improve the cylinders cosmetic appearance. We used industry approved (and oxygen safe) detergent to internally clean cylinders as required for certain service changes and/or in the event of internal contamination.

Tare Weight & Personalized Marking

Our scales are certified to NIST Standard and measure in graduations of 0.02 lbs. Tare weights can be stamped onto tags, the valve or directly on the cylinder, as per request. We also offer personalized marking to help display cylinder ownership.

Dip Tube Installation

We install and repair brass or plastic siphon tubes, or remove them when requested.

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